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New Lad

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Good Evening,

 Just bought myself an E61 530d, 133k, Dec 2004,in dark blue with cream leather,  loads of history, and apart from swirl flaps and dpf deleted, totally standard. Lovely car, few issues, parking sensors not working and a strange fault with the rear suspension. IThe odd time it brings up a fault, but everything works as it should, the garage couldn't find anything wrong, just saying they think it isn't raising quickly enough. 

I dont intend to do loads to it, re-map and some decent rubber on the standard 17" alloys ( it has winter tires on at the min ).

A bit of a shock with the mpg, 35 at best ( mainly motorway driving like Miss Daisey ) especially after 50+ with my previous Civic Diesel. But its so nice and im loving it !



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1 hour ago, coupe king said:

Welcome buddy!

Thanks very much.

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