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New E60 M5 Owner - Rod Bearing Replacement Manchester

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Hello All,


Recently bought an 05 E60 M5 with <60k miles on the clock. No previous rod bearing work done so would like to get this done as a preventative measure.


Booked in with Darren Wood in Stockport to get them done as they seem to be very well recommended however, can't find much in the way of feedback specific to rod bearing work.


Don't suppose anyone could let me know if I'm in safe hands?


Thank you all in advance for any advice.

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Iv been using Darren for the last 13/14 years,  I have had a lot of work on my e36 m3 and my 760.  Genuine honest guy who could have charged me £1-2k when I when I first went in with what I thought was a SMG gearbox fault which turned out to be a relay.. 


There are couple of guys on the m3cutter forum who have had their bearing done by Darren and have nothing but good feedback.


You are definitely in safe hands.


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Appreciate the response. Have seen lots of good stuff about DW but struggled to find anything specific to rod bearings on the S85. Much more comfortable knowing others have had a good experience with this type of work.


Thank you.

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