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520i M50tu to 525i M50tu

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After much deliberation I decided to go for the simplest option to get a little more grunt in my 1995 touring - upgrade to the 2.5 lump.

This was helped by both this forum and finding a car that ended up being at a friends brothers garage in the north east. A one owner 525i saloon with 112k on the clock. Failed it’s MOT on rust but runs well. After some haggling it was put on a trailer this morning by a tow company I found on Shiply (see below).


It’s off to Angus BMW in Colchester where we will asses the car then take as much off it as possible to improve mine.


By the end I hope to have more power with the same reliability I have enjoyed with my current smooth and trusty 2L engine.


A lot of this car (including the 525i auto box) and my old M50b20tu will be for sale so please message me if interested, could do a deal on the main parts or sell it all as a job lot.


Thought I would do this project during these strange times as it’s both interesting and quite exciting. Sure it won’t be plain sailing and a bit costly when all is said and done but hey, that’s to be expected.


I love my e34 touring and want to keep it long term, don’t see many on the road anymore!




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2 hours ago, lozmccall1 said:

Very interested in this. Like you I can't help but wander what a bit more power would be like (although I've already got the m50b25 in mine). Will you be doing the work yourself or getting a garage involved?

Taking it here to have the work done - https://www.angusbmw.co.uk/conversions/

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3 hours ago, coupe king said:

Wow, you don’t mess about!!! I can see why you are keen, your touring looks like a cracker.


Thanks, yes it cleans up well, but so it should after the money I have spent on it in the last 4 years! 


Talking of cleaning, amazed at how well the once oil marked and generally dirty boot carpet cleaned up with a bit of elbow grease and Autoglym interior shampoo. 


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