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E60 M54 2005 crank no start - fuel pump?

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E60 M54 2005 cranks but no start, after no obvious issues. Before the last start was just resetting tyre pressure on iDrive...

Cannot hear the noise of fuel pump (not from inside not from outside). Inspected fuses in glove box and luggage compartment related to fuel pump/ injectors /and engine management - all fuses are in working conditions.

Read through forums that sometimes mentioned a green relay related to fuel pump in glove box compartment. see the picture please. is this the right one? Other forums say there is no fuel pump relay only EKP in luggage compartment.


Produce date Jan-2005.   Any guidance please? Thank you for help



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1 hour ago, Igor06 said:

Thank you, Clavurion, please see the picture, when i turn on ignition (position of key 2).  Looks like it is on. After the car cranks but no start. 



Cluster lights.jpg


Looks like it's working so should rule out DME relay which I was after.

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