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520d 2015 whining noise from engine bay

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Hi all. New to here which is surprising considering all the BMW's owned in this family. Z4 2004, X5 2005, X5MSport 2008, 235i 2017, 520d 2015 the last 2 both current. 


I have a wee bit of a problem with my 520d and thought the collective knowledge and experience here would help. It's been great and flew through its Mot on Monday no advisories. I've done 26k in it in 2 years and it's on 56k now. 

I have a whining sound coming from the  engine bay when I accelerate. No noise when stationary and revved. Local BMW specialist thinks it might be the mini turbo giving up. He did check to see if the pipe leading into the turbo was the issue but it's all secure. It's been present for about 2 months now and not really getting worse. It's certainly an annoying sound and quite loud. I'm a chef and have absolutely no idea about cars and mechanical stuff! 



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