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2003 530D Sport Touring Auto - Non-Runner

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Unexpectedly up for sale is my 2003 530d Sport Touring. Everything was fine until last week when it lost drive after a long Motorway journey. Letting it sit for a minute got it going again, but my local transmission specialist has said it needs a gearbox rebuild at a cost of £2.5k+.


Much as I like the car, I can't justify that cost and don't have the skills or contacts to get it done cheaper. The ideal solution would be a manual conversion, but again I wouldn't know where to start. Does anyone offer this at a sensible price?


So I'm considering two options - sell the car complete, or break it and keep some bits for myself. I'll offer the complete car as a non-runner for £600, or the engine and ancillaries for £300 with the buyer to come to Bristol and remove it. 


I've owned the car for 18 months, and bought it to avoid putting the miles on my 540i/6. It's done that really well, and was costing half as much to run as the V8 (last pic).


The engine is extremely strong, and the extensive history shows it was replaced at around 100k. Reading between the lines I think the original unit ate its swirl flaps as there was a dealer contribution and the owner then removed most of the emissions equipment. The chap I bought it from was doing a long commute so had it remapped with an economy map, which happily also upped the power. 240bhp was mentioned which felt believable, but I have no proof.


Here are some quick snaps I took yesterday when it came back from the garage. I'll give it a wash and do some better ones if I get a chance, but this is a fair representation of what it's like, except I'll be putting the original Style 66 rims back on it. I can list the bodywork imperfections if needed. Off the top of my head, everything works except the rear wiper, parking sensors and key remote.





RE03 Clocks.jpg

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6 hours ago, KingOfTheHill said:

Hi - Bristol, a few minutes off the M32.


 Give me a call when you have a couple of minutes.



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