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Drivetrain Error & Water in boot

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My F10 520d flags the error when going up hill under load . Now ive changed the MAP sensor, cheap and easy to do. it was badly coked up. (but ive  not reset the ecu- is this required?

e EGR was changed by BMW under recall a year ago by the previous owner,  next step would be MAF senor again easy and cheap for me to do. 


I still get the problem. My car runs perfectly and does not skip a beat. 

However last week my handbrake warning light came on. I checked the EMF located in the boot next to the battery and i found an inch deep of fresh clean water. (i can not find the source or a drain hole) 

going up a hill the pool of water flooded the emf & wiring and caused the warning light for parking. 

this could have also caused the drivetrain error (as the error only ever flagged while driving uphill ) 


I have dried the EMF out and parking error / works fine once more..

Any suggestions to how and where the leak is from?

Will this affect the Drivetrain error? 

Do i need to Reset OBDto clear that code? 

is it worth changing the MAF & EMF?




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I seem to remember @535i Andrew posting re weather leaking into his boot. IIRC it was something to do with a piece of trim which had been incorrectly fitted during repairs after he was rear ended. Might not be connected to this issue but could be worth a look.

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