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Another new F10 owner

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Hi All


I've been a member here for over 9 years, but I stepped away from 5 series ownership after my third E39.  After becoming a Dad and delving into Volvo estate loveliness for a few years, the wife and I have stepped back into 5 series ownership for our 5th experience with BMW's overall.  This time, its an F10.  We didn't want another diesel as I work from home permanently and my wife is a full time mum, so we could indulge in some petrol based shenanigans.  Originally, we were looking for a 550i, but after reading some of the horror stories about that engine, we decided on a six pot.  Here she is.










She's a 2010 535i SE in blue.  I deliberately didn't want an M-Sport as I'm not sure why everyone loves the more aggressive look in cars, I wanted something relaxing and cosseting, albeit with enough grunt to get a move on if needed.


Approximately 86K on the clock with a few minor scratches on the bodywork, courtesy of having lived in central London for most of her life.  It also came with a free receipt for a £490 handbag from Selfridges, so with shopping frippery like that its no surprise it has 20" wheels and 360 camera's.


Most of today has been spent giving it a thorough clean as the paintwork was covered in watermarks.  It still needs another couple of goes to get rid of them, but its looking much better than it did.  Plans for it include


New foglamp covers (fogged up).

Oil service and brake fluid change

Updates for the software including sat-nav

Sorting out the tailpipes which are covered in soot and crap.

Repairing some small leather on the drivers doorcard which has worn through.

Replace the worn interior buttons (Auto Hold, AC, telephone button on steering wheel)


After that, I'm going to look into DAB and Digital TV for the car and to see if its possible to fit the digital dash from the later cars into this one along with Apple CarPlay.  I've already enquired with Celtic Tuning about an ECU remap and also a re-program of the ZF Gearbox as it loses a bit of urge in the midrange and the extra 100 lbs/ft would cure that.


For now, its going to be mechanically checked over before its given to the wife to use.


Really pleased with it and happy to be back in a car I actually like.  I'll post the full spec when I can be bothered to go read the VIN plate tomorrow.





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Welcome back Matt. Lovely example that and nice to be able to have the non DERV option...! 

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