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Another new one...

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Hi, bought an e39 523i cheap to scratch a long outstanding straight 6 itch.

Visually it's bu**ered, it's been vandalised in the past with cracked paint to the bonnet, scratches to the Sunroof and rear glass, terrible laquer peel to the roof. 


Mechanically she's a runner but a project. How big I don't know yet but defo has problems

*needs intake hoses

*vacuum hoses, t

*he breath vent hose from the vanos unit(?) seems to crack inside if I squeeze it. 

*she only runs with the maf unplugged

*I get the abs asc lights after a 20 minute drive so expect wheel sensor or abs pump rebuild. 


She's Oxford Green (mostly!) with a green interior with the wood. Again tatty inside but everything seems to work, apart from the radio




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Welcome !


As a fellow 523i owner I've found the guys on the E39 sub-forum very helpful, even though as a newbie myself I've had to seek a lot of advice.

I'm not in a position to work on my cars these days (just pay the garage bills :blink:) but I wish you well with the project.

I acquired mine 15 months ago & most of the money I've spent (having bought the car from a dealer & subsequently paid over the top) has been in un-doing the things that a previous owner had 'upgraded/modified' so I can return the car to the classic it undoubtably is.

Being built in June '98 it's classed as a Phase one, silver SE auto with blue cloth interior/wood & type 31 alloys.

Yes it still has the torch, first-aid kit & working car 'phone. It doesn't appear to have any corrosion (maybe due to the greatest array of mud flaps I've ever encountered) & has covered 151,000 miles.

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Welcome along and good luck wuth your project. An E39 should always be saved where possible!


You could start a thread in projects.

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