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Chrome Trim

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Spent part of the day polishing the chrome window trim to remove the milkiness and patina from it using Autosol and a combination of a microfibre cloth and a buffing pad on a drill. 


While there are appears to be some spots of patina left, the milkiness has gone and the trim appears a lot brighter. 


Overall I'm fairly happy for a first attempt at this. However, I have a couple of Q's.


1. Would using Meguair's metal polish help to lift the remaining patina?


2. Should I be applying a wax coating on top of the trim to protect the polished surface?




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I've not tackled this but as far as I know the "chrome" trims are actually lacquer coated aluminium. Exposed aluminium will tarnish again probably quite quickly. If they were off the car a lacquer rattle can would be easy but there are wipe on lacquer products out there specifically designed for coating them in situ. 



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I believe that they are the same as the shadow chrome trim (black) as in

they are anodized aluminium. 

Use cutting compound to remove the oxidation (manly caused by tfr used by car washes)

& yes a good coat of your favourite wax will keep it looking good if done once every four to six weeks. 


& stay away from immigrant car washes.

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A good metal polish will sort it out, and keep it looking decent for a while. I'd also go over it with some Wax to add a protective layer too. 


After washing, try not to let the bubbles/detergent dry on the car - these chrome rails suffer badly for it and show the water stains. 

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