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e34 Headlamp improvement

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Going thru and baselining our 95 e34 530iT  (Canadian car with DRL), part of things on the to do list is take a look at improving the low beam performance.

Just getting my feet wet on this topic and wanted to hear from others what they have found to be a worthwhile change.

While it had been suggested to replace to replace the low beam units adapting in a Morimoto (or similar ) projector unit, I would like to keep the look of the e34.

I was planning to at the bare minimum to replace the current lamp assemblies with OEM hella units and some new bulbs (HB4)

What would be the suggested upgrade path ?

1) use the existing housings and replace the bulb with some form of HID bulb (4500k ?)

2) use the existing housings and use a different halogen bulb?

3) Something else I should consider?


And then some form of high beam improvement for those really dark night time drives?


Thanks for reading

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