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M54 fan shroud

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Anyone got a knack to removing/installing this? It’s the one thing I hate on my E39. I’ve discovered the radiator is leaking (Nissens- less than 18 months old - which I’m a bit pissed off about) and every time I’ve had to do the sodding shroud it’s been an ordeal. So if anyone has a method they use then I’m all ears.


In complete contrast to my E34 which you just have to look at and the shroud comes out. Oh the joys...

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Hi yup it’s fun for sure !

Option 1 Pay someone else to do it whilst you go for a pleasant walk, taking the time to take in the nice weather and sounds of the birds. 

Alternatively :-(   (You’ve been warned)

Step 1 Unlock car , open drivers door and reach down into the footwell and pull the bonnet release to open the bonnet. If all goes well you will have felt some resistance as you pulled the leaver. If not advertise car on EBay as good runner ideal as spares or long term hobby. Take whatever you get offered. 
Step 2 Pick up some long nosed pliers and go to the front of the car. To the far left of the offside kidney grill near the top you should be able to see the bonnet release. Its shy and needs help. Try and pull the bonnet release further out and then lift the release and the bonnet  should come up

with it. 

Step 3 cover hands in Elastoplast just as a precaution. 

Step 4 Remove Viscous Fan using cheapish tools from eBay. 

Step 5 Swear that next time this is going to the garage next year

Step 5 Disconnect the cable

from the air recirc sensor on the nearside side of the radiator (Pic 1)
NOTE: DO NOT BE TEMPTED to remove the sensor. This is best left to removal AFTER you have removed the shroud as it’s a total mare. Just push down and pull away, yeah right!!

Step 6 Prepare for the removal of the cooling  system expansion chamber on the offside side of the radiator. This requires the removal of the bit of plastic surrounding the bleed valve next to the expansion chamber cap, you make have to unscrew the cap slightly to allow for the removal of the locking plate. Be careful not to pull too hard as you may break the fragile fan shroud in doing this. Pic. 2. 
Step 7 Remove the plastic push rivets on each end of the fan shroud Pic 3 & 4 Try and use a proper pry tool to remove so that they don’t snap. 
Step 8 Drive car up ramps. If an SE any ramps will do. If a Sport go to B&Q (other DiY stores/timber merchants will do) and buy a load of thin planks of wood to

make a preramp extension ramp to prevent destroying those @@@@ing delicate and expensive lower bumper corners. 
Step 9  Get under car and remove the engine cover. Chances are every garage that the car has ever been to will have removed all the genuine fixing bolts and replaced them with anything they can find or just put one or two screws back. No matter how high the car is raised it’s never high enough to get the cover off with resorting to some form of crow bar. 
Step 10. Whilst your down there ignore any oil or dirt or anything. Remember your mission - Removal of the fan shroud!! That’s all you are here for!

Step 11 Remove the lower coolant hose from the clips on the bottom of the shroud and the secondary coolant pump

Step 12 Climb out from under the car and go to the top of the shroud. You should be able to lift the shroud up enough to see the breather hose jubilee clip on the expansion chamber. Loosen the jubilee clip and remove the hose. 
Step 13 Now lift the radiator expansion chamber away from the shroud. You will need to support it or rest it over by the ABS unit. 
Step 14. Now carefully lift up the shroud feeling your way moving things out of the way as it goes. It is very fragile so don’t pull too hard. If it feels tight don’t yank, find out what’s snagging it. 
Step 15. Refitting is the reverse although you may find you need to use alternatives to the rivets (zip tie works) and repair any damage you’ve done to the fan shroud. 





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Haha that did make me laugh - been quite a few times where I wished I’d taken it to a garage!!! 

I’ve done the shroud a few times, but never seem to get the right knack to it, I’m slightly happier that it’s not just me who finds it a sod

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Good writeup, one thing I'll add that is that once you know where all the bolts are, you can in fact get the undercovers off and back on without raising the car. All you need is a stubby screwdriver and a bit of floor gymnastics (the screws near the transmission are the hardest to reach, but you can get to them by lying on your back and using your foot to hold the panel up while you do them up). Done it that way many times. The front panel will come off without undoing the entire rear panel too, although you have to loosen most of the screws.


Replace the shroud if it's badly cracked or it will eventually flap about and break the fan blade and if you're unlucky, the radiator as well. Lesson learned the hard way.



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