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2007 LCI E61 SLS conundrum

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Apologies for not posting here much, but thought I would ask for some advice/assistance as I'm confused by an issue I have with my E61 SLS currently...


So just to pick people's brains on the E61 self levelling suspension... Changed rose bushes and lower arms... LH side airbag dropped completely, new bag fitted, coded with Ista, goes back up and calibrates, go for a drive and car drops again, new error code saying level sensor, replaced with a good sensor and car calibrates via Ista etc. Go for a drive and guess what LH side drops again.
Now I use INPA and set the car using hand controls, holds air, no fault codes and sits at about 620ish mm which is around the right height for the E61 with sport suspension.

My question is, has anyone else had this issue and any ideas on rectifying it?

Compressor works, valve block appears to work, airbag checked for leaks and none appear, check all fittings and fine no visible leaks. 

No I'm not changing to springs as I like the rear setup!

Apologies for the long post but thought it was worth asking. 



Thanks in advance! 

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Disconnect the level sensor from both sides and see if it still drops. It could be one of them is giving a false reading, and making the car thinks it needs to drop the level down. 


if you have no leaks in the system the bag should stay inflated and the suspension at the correct height. 

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