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Red Dot warning

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I'd noticed a red dot next to the trip mileage on my '98 523i a while back & assume that it's been there since before my purchase of the car just over a year ago. Recently I've read that it's a tamper warning & wonder if there's any way of verifying if car's the total mileage matches the odometer readout of 151+ miles.

The car had a full service history at a BMW main dealer for the first four years of it's life, followed by fourteen years at an indie but the last service stamp in 2016 did not record the mileage which tally's with that years MOT stating that the mileage was 'unreadable'

Interestingly the previous year's MOT ws also unreadable but the mileage was recorded in the service stamp (by the same indie.) When the mileage was next recorded (in 2017) it had increased by just under 8,000 miles which tends to tally with the car's average annual mileage during the period of it's history.

It may be a case of 'what the eyes don't see, the heart won't grieve over'  but nevertheless I am curious :rolleyes:


nb.  I have done a search before posting, but not turned up anything of real use … sorry.

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Changing a module can trigger the dot as they talk to each other and if there is an anomaly its flagged but MOT check is the first port of call. 


I have a couple of "can't be read" comments on mine but everything else stacks up in the history and before i fixed it it was better some days than others. So if it all seems right i wouldn't worry to much.. My e28 had a few obvious typos in the history but was verified with receipts etc.


I think at 150k if it feels good i wouldn't be too troubled!

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Cluster and LCM has to match VIN and mileage otherwise that tamper dot comes on. So likely either cluster or LCM has been changed and coding not done properly. With proper diagnostics you can check the VIN and mileage on both modules so you know which one was changed.

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