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BMW Z3 2.8 / 6 Cylinder with Manual 'Box - Needs Tidying

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Putting this out there for a mate who wants to sell his Z3 convertible. 


He bought it not that long ago, but having driven it for a short while he's discovered that it's too go-kart like (bit of an oldie like me :lol:) and not his thing. He's subsequently bought a Y (83) plate Merc SL380 instead, which is far more comfy and 'wafty'...!  


So, the little Z must go. It needs some attention and tidying but I've seen it and it's slow time project for someone. Registration is R450 FAN if anyone wants to check its MOT history - the current MOT runs to this December and there is a sizeable list of advisories from the last one. Some of it has been done,  but he can give anyone who is interested a full run down.


Asking price is £2500 (what he paid for it) but some haggling is welcome. If anyone would like to know more, please contact me here and I will pass you his contact details.  


The car is located in Purley, Surrey.

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