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Help with stereo upgrade to hifi e60

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Hello, e60 530xd lci, i bought hifi from e61 with 6 channel amp. I connected all wires where they belong to. Except two wires yellow and black i connected them to my CCC connector, because i saw same wires there.

I attach photos what wires do i have, where i connected them, and how amp looks like.


Where is the problem??

when i code to hifi, with ncs expert add $676 FA write to cas and lma modules, code cappl, chost, cgate, caudi, ctune

when code is complete and i restart ccc, sound output is only high level, i have 0% low level sound. If i dont code, i have low level sound in mid range speakers, but from subwoofers almost no sound. Can it be amp issue? Please help :(


sorry for my english, i hope you will understand what i am trying to say :s





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Hi Fiezo,


You might want to also post this in the E60/1 sub section as well as only a relative few members look at this section. 


Also, perhaps contact these guys - https://www.cartronics.co.uk/


You may need to provide more info on your car and what was installed at factory to double check what you are trying to do can be done or, if it needs some tweaks, or possibly can't be done. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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