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Stef G

New F10 owner!

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Hey guys


New to the forum and to the 5 series so I thought I'd drop in and say hello!


So interestingly I was due to pick up my new Alfa Giulia as a company car, when a new job opportunity came up and needed to buy something quickly. Decided it had to be a 5 series & as high spec as possible.


Came across this well optioned F10 530d and jumped on it straight away! IMG_20200711_211534.thumb.jpg.744c965cbb0c9cb53017069c82687f15.jpgIMG_20200704_171809.thumb.jpg.ca3f091ebd095e10b45d9bd10b9a447f.jpgIMG_20200702_205416.thumb.jpg.ef750cd89660bf54843b15449d6a87ee.jpgIMG_20200702_202344.thumb.jpg.b12c410d89d998bc61cfada639e8b164.jpg


Really pleased with it, has everything I wanted in terms of spec - VDC, pro nav, active cruise control, comfort seats and plenty more.


Body work is a little untidy with a couple of bad repairs and some curbed wheels but apart from that it drives fantastic.


Can't believe how well it handles in sports mode for a car of this weight.


So far I've changed the black grille back to an OEM chrome one as I wasn't too sure on it. It's not as great on fuel as I'd hoped (not miles off my 335i!) So I think a walnut blast is on the cards. I changed the air filter and the amount of hay that came out of the airbox was comical!


Next steps are just going to be tidying up the wheels and the paint, possibly a remap and may look to start using it to tow the track car so it doesn't have to be road legal any more.


Look forward to hearing some of your experiences and knowledge!






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