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Brixton E61 545i

Space Saver

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Hello. Again.
My E61 545i came from the factory with run-flats. Therefore no spare.
However, one of the previous owners put (cheap) regular tyres on it, so I’m armed with nothing more than a can of Holt’s finest tire-weld and a nagging awareness that my breakdown service won’t look to kindly on helping me with a blowout. 
Can someone tell me if any old 5-stud space-saver within an inch of my wheel diameter would work? Or would I have to source a make, model and exact wheel size-specific one?

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I reckon you're correct in your assumption, but the rolling circumference should, I think, be within about 10% of your regular wheel.


Post this into the E60/61 tech section for better coverage though.

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