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Breaking 1989 E30 320 touring manual, Malachite green, 15inch bbs

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Breaking 1989 E30 320 touring manual, Malachite green, 15inch BBS



 1989 facelift E30 touring, running a M20b20 and manual box





 Yes, yes it look's pretty, yes it is one of the best colour's and yes it is sat on a set of 15inch BBS, with cap's.


However, like many a lady from the 80's who has survived to this age this one flatter's to deceive. Once you are under her posh outer frock, it is not a pretty sight.


And so, with sadness, this lovely, lovely E30 is offering up her better part's.


 Set of 15 inch BBS, with cap's and good tyres 600 the set

 51mm front strut's 150

 Disc brake rear conversion 180 

 Smilie headlight's 100 the set

 Not bad wing's, 100 a pop

 Bumper's 50 each

A very good tail gate, just the one blemish, 150

A frankly outstanding sun roof panel 200

Door's 80 a pop

Sump 100

Motronic 1.3 conversion kit 250

Decent cluster 80

M20b20 flywheel and clutch 160


Located in the UK, junction 16 off the M1









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