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Its time.....

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Ive got my E39 M5 in the workshop for a major mechanical refresh. Its been sitting about in the garage like a wannabe garage queen whilst I have been driving newer cars.

Anyway, this lockdown nonsense has given time to reflect so I have decided that she is the only one, no more messing with younger models!


Enough chatting nonsense, rod bearings are being done 100% as the internet told me so but my concern is the timing chain guides.

The garage have done a vanos test and have advised doing the timing chain as the parameters are out a tiny bit on the exhaust side but "nothing to worry about"

Is this a "must do" job like the rod bearings or not?????

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How many miles has it done? There is a growing consensus on M5Board that if the tensioner is replaced before it goes bad then the chain guides are long lived in the cool running S62. When the lower sump is taken off (when the bearings are being done) check for any fragments of plastic in the oil left in the pan which would indicate the guides are breaking up. Apparently you should also check inside the oil pickup strainer as they are light enough to get drawn in and collect there.


There are no hard and fast rules, just internet info. from a small sample of cars. It will be interesting to see how the bearings look.


Vanos test results can be out just through gently leaking solenoids or aged cam position sensors. The only real way to know how the timing is doing is to take the valve covers off and check the alignment marks after setting the cam positions. Internet legend has it that they weren't always perfect from the factory...

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