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Moisture on Injector Unions..

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(I composed this a couple of months ago and never pressed "submit"). Car has been driving fine, albeit a little underpowered..


So while doing a bunch of maintenance over the past few days, I remembered that last time my E60 was at the dealership for a check-over, they spotted what looked like a diesel leak by the injectors. They cleaned it all off and I drove it for a couple of days and then took it back to them. They said that the problem had gone away so was nothing to worry about.. 


Not looking to make work for myself, but looking at the injector pipe unions, I can see some moisture there - should I be worried?


Any advice much appreciated :-)

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You could give them a light nip up ie: turn by one flat on the union & wipe off the diesel

then drive for a bit to see if it comes back.

Those diesel pipes are a compression fitting, so there is no seal or gasket to replace.

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