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Roof bars where trim has no slots

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Hi folks

i have a 2008 e60 saloon and I am looking at a set of genuine BMW roof bars for it. The trim along my roof doesn’t have any flaps and therefore there are no screw fittings for bars to attach to. 
There are some indents under the roof just inside the doors on the section of the body that the door closes into which would take the roof bar fitting on the underside.

Have any of you had this issue and what I am looking to find out is whether or not the roof bars which are the bmw part for the car will fit?

A phone call to my local dealer was finished with the advice that due to the lack of flaps and access to mounting points I simply can’t fit roof bars to my car. I’m not convinced by this and have seen some stuff online suggesting the roof bars actually clamp into the roof trim given it is in a slight recess?

ive included a pic of my roof for clarity and the part number of the bars in question.

Cheers James 



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