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What is a fair price for an E34 M5?

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Have seen prices range from a fair £7500 to a ludicrous £65k.


What is a decent one worth, particularly a 3.8?

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Condition, condition, condition and history.


I bought a cheap M5 Touring back when they were cheap anyway - it didn't last. I've also seen the amount of attention to detail that some of the £65k and more cars have, and some are worth every penny.


I'd rather have a decent 3.6 than a tatty 3.8; they are old cars now with (dare I say it) slightly fragile 3.8 engines so they shouldn't be ragged senseless to try and go fast in - almost every turbo diesel on the road is quicker these days. 


Buy one now as a classic for high days and holidays and buy on condition; E34's were lauded in their time for excellent engineering and the M5 in particular for handling and 'that' engine sound, so buy i now for reasons of it still being a very special car to drive rather than a performance car to rag.

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Interesting topic!


I guess the price depends on so many factors, among condition and history as the other people say here.

I think it also slightly depends on which country you live in, and whether it's RHD or LHD. Since I live in Norway a RHD car would be pretty much worthless to me.


It also depends what you are after. Some people are real purists and they don't accept anything other than original. Other people are fine with the 'right' modifications. Everybody's different, and the same car might be worth a different amount to different people.


How much do you think for instance I had to pay for this car:



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