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It's the little things in life that matter

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Just had my first draft beer since the old king died, or it certainly seems like that long :shock:


While waiting for our take-out pizza from the Rustic Crust, we sat in their garden in the sunshine listening to the music with our first draft beers since lock down started.


Nine Locks brewery "Dirty Blonde" :cool: :wub:


Nine Locks voted best Halifax craft brewery by people who don't drink craft  beer | The ManateeNine Locks 20 oz Glass - We Can So You Can Take It Outside - Hike - Camp -  Fish - Sail - Golf… Relax.Misogynistic' marketing of Nine Locks' Dirty Blonde beer sparks debate |  CBC News


Rustic Crust make the nicest pizza I have had since my time in Italy back in 1995 / 96 :wub:


Have a great weekend and stay safe,


We certainly are :grin:


Best regards,




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Italian in our local park is serving pizza through the hatch, popped over late one night (kids wanting pizza) and had a draft Moretti which was nice.


But I was just saying to the wife earlier that I really fancied an artery clogging cafe breakfast in a greasy spoon as a silly thing i missed!


Weirdly i'm kind of ok with lock down in some ways. I'm not missing shops or restaurants and i can buy most stuff on line - Times wine club has been most useful but we took a (socially distanced) walk with some mates the other night with a beer and the hounds and we agreed it wasn't so much the beer that was missed but just sitting in a pub talking shite.


Hoping our deferred boys walking weekend is allowed in November - big long walks and then some re hydrating beer and carb heavy dinners B)


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