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BMW e12 m535i 1980 wont start

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We all make mistakes. What often happens in these situations is you are too close to the problem. People often do what you do and replace items to see if they work. Then change back when they do not change things. You can then get yourself confused and look for all kinds of problems. 

When you change a part it should be new or a know working spare.


With regard to how it runs as you see it now starts. If you have a good spark at the right time then the car should run. I would double check the leads, put up a photo of the layout and mark them. Check with a multi-meter that each one is correct. Check the spark plugs to see how they look. Things like new leads distributor cap and rotor and spark plugs are a good idea if you have no knowledge of them being changed. 


How the engine runs is another matter. Fuel pressure is important when the engine is running. What you can try is running the car above idle at about 3000 rpm. See how it runs then.  It can often be an idle problem. Air leaks are the biggest problem . The engine could be running too  lean. As for the heat generated again simple things like oil and water are correct are things to check. An engine running lean produces more heat.


If the engine was not running correctly before then you are back to the start so approach it from that point. 

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