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Has anyone on here removed their instrument cluster to send off for pixel repair? Mine has been on the blink for an age but I never got round to sorting. Pixels now totally dead (can't see mileage etc). I've come across a place called Cartronix who do the work if you send the cluster to them. 


Is it a fiddly job? Not sure I want to ruin my dash being hamfisted. Having just had CPC put new chains and guides on it, not really sure I want to get the wallet out but it's triggering my OCD!


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Not yet required the pixel fix for my M5 but Cartronix would definitely be on my shortlist. Sent them a Skoda instrument cluster for a different repair, not pixel fix, and found their pricing and service very good. This was a couple of years ago but have no reason to believe the quality of service has changed in any way. The reviews they've received on Google Reviews are pretty good - one or two poor ones but most are very positive. My review features somewhere on that list, too.


Getting the instrument cluster out of your M5 isn't too difficult at all. Don't sweat it. Just make sure you parcel up the cluster really well so as to avoid transit damage. Rough handling by the courier would be my greatest worry, to be honest.


Baris at 'Carphonics' in Enfield is a forum favourite for this type of work. Little bit cheaper, too. See here: http://www.carphonics.co.uk/cluster.htm

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On 10/06/2020 at 10:38, DennisCooper said:



Speak to AK Speedo - http://www.akspeedo.com/


Excellent service, excellent communications and definitely a +1 recommendation for some custom work I required doing recently !


Cheers, Dennis!


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