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Various spanners, tools sockets etc

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Does anyone have a son or daughter keen to start tinkering with an old car (or anything that needs fettling to be honest)?


I've been having a thin of my tools and have a box of spanners (mostly imperial) a cheap socket set, various bike tools, wrenches etc i don't need - can probably throw in a tool box and anything else i can find!


Many from my grandfather but i have taken what i need and trying not to be sentimental


I don't want anything for them (though a Malbec is nice ;) ) but would be happy to pass them on to someone looking to start their journey in all things oily.


Its not a full snap on set by any means but i'd like them to go to an appreciative home.


Will try and take some pictures.


Could possibly post at cost.



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I'd be interested. Less so in the imperial stuff I'll be honest, but my son has recently started driving, so I'd like to start getting him a tool set together. I'm next door (Harpenden), so happy to pop by. Maybe message me? Cheers.

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