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E90 335i - which one?

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Considering p/xing the 540 for a 335i but don't know much about them.


I know that in 2009 BMW swapped the twin turbo N54 with the single turbo N55...do early N54s suffer with issues? Was the N55 any better?


Apparently early cars came with an amp which was dropped?


Some cars have a mix of LCI and pre-LCI features ??


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I had a 59 plate E92 N54 for a couple of years and never had a problem with it from 70k - 90k miles. 

Main issues on these are hpfp, coil packs and waste gate rattles on the turbos. But I think same like everything you only hear the stories of when things go wrong. Not the many cars that don’t have problems.


2010+ was the N55 with the single turbo. 


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