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Vintage Scalextric

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On ‎15‎/‎05‎/‎2020 at 21:43, duncan-uk said:

Talk to me ;)


What other model railway stuff have you got any Peco Code 100 DCC friendly points?  Seep point motors?


I went thru some of my rolling stock collection at the weekend and selected a pile to shift on, on the ebay, just not got round to it yet.  Stuff cost me £55 in perhaps 1993 or 1994 is worth less than £30 at the moment.  Still that's a few bits on the F10 that can be paid for via paypal which is out of sight of the local bank manager's eyes.:lol:



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Nothing like that just stuff from when i was a kid really - adding bits as and when.


The scalex was a job lot i bought as i was building an airfix 1/32 herald and TR4 with the kid and i thought we might be able to motorise them - seems a 1/32 herald is a very different proportion to even a scalex metro!


Never going to do anything with them so off they go.



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