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E39 reverse light cold check

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Hello, I wanted to code out my reverse light cold check as it causing my head unit to turn black whenever the check takes place. It thinks that reverse has been selected and the camera is turned on.


I'll attach my LCM file, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I have been looking for the following but can't seem to find anything


KALTUEBERWACHUNG_RL Cold testing reverse lights
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_RL_LI Cold testing reverse light left.
KALTUEBERWACHUNG_RL_RE Cold Testing reverse light right.


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LCM has to be coding index C21 or higher. Older versions don't have parameters for reversing lights.




One alternative is to change the reversing camera activation work differently. For example use a relay which won't be activated by the small check pulses.

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