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How long has your Clutch lasted

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I was talking to a mate of mine who has a F20 Manual, He said he had to change his clutch and flywheel at 90k and said bmw say every 100k you should replace the clutch . Since i have been driving i have never replaced a clutch on any of my cars, I had a golf that went on 220k with original clutch, Audi A4 with 160k on original clutch.  Has anyone replace their clutches ?

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Driving an automatic now, but I’ve not had to replace a clutch in any car since around 1968 when my Dad managed to ruin the clutch on my Ford Zephyr riding it every day at a nearby hilly junction. I’ve had plenty  of cars since then and often ran them well towards 200k without any problems whatever. My last 528 had about 160k on the clock. YMMV if you do a lot of crawling in town traffic of course I suppose.

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