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Glow plug error 2AB900 ? Solved

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I actually had glow plugs replaced and kept on getting this error (2AB900), rough idle on cold morning etc.  I searched the forum and could not find any solutions. I didn't want to throw parts at it so on the forum someone mentioned that when you change glow plugs you have to use ISTA and carry out a heater plug adjustment so that Ista can detect which brand etc/Type of glow plugs you have, then it can send the correct voltage etc to plugs. I had many people on other forums and even BMW specialist say that it was my glow plug module that was faulty, Here are some pictures of what i did on ista. You go to Pre heating control adjustment and run the procedure and it will detect what glow plugs you have.IMG_20200421_175312.thumb.jpg.bd2d3f8cbc445e3f3536ef3ab4efc5e6.jpgIMG_20200421_175910.thumb.jpg.d329ba8656f461bc9f3f2d7108272440.jpgIMG_20200421_184647.thumb.jpg.08e650e184f0be53f029d9aa4cb11b50.jpg

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