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Bmw e28 progress pics

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4 hours ago, Rich28 said:

we all no it’s the right thing to do haha makes sense. well that’s what i told the wife :D


You have a keeper there :lol:

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11 hours ago, dirtydirtydiesel said:

I am officially jealous :mrgreen:

The original garage would have done me proud, double detached.

Thanks bud i do feel super lucky to be having this garage built, will be great when done. 

compared to the garages you see in america it would still be classed as small haha:blink:

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Excellent work so far! I had an A plate E28 that needed a good amount of new metal in the late 90s I was wondering how much work one would need now, I don’t want one anymore having just read through this ;)


Keep up the good work when you get back in that nice new garage, just try not to put a different car in there first. I have projects from 10 years + ago that got side lined to build new garages but they never made it back in before a new project took over!


Having a boy is worse for getting your own stuff done I have spent the last few years messing about with RC cars & building off road buggies with him. I’m kind of glad he’s discovered online gaming with his mates now....

When you get back onto that door get some of this:



I taught myself too & destroyed a good door that only need a bit of welding before finding that stuff. You still need to take your time but it makes a huge difference. The chassis thicker metal repairs are fine without it but as you found with that rear wing body panels are a different matter. 

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