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e60 530i Spark Plugs

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Just after a bit of info & recommendations re spark plugs for my 530i


I see there are two types of NGK plugs folk are using: the conventional single electrode type and the type with four electrodes. The former are about a tenner each cheaper - any recommendations based on experience for these?


If you have changed your plugs - when you reset the CBS indicator, what did it go up to as “distance remaining”?

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If you have the 530i N53 direct injection engine (LCI post March 2007) and your engine is able to run in economy stratified lean burn mode ( see here, under low load conditions) then I would advice the four electrode plug. The stratified burn mode hammers the plugs, coil packs and injectors somewhat for ~10% to 15% extra fuel economy.

Spark plugs for N43/N53 series engines:

Basic things, which you have to know about spark plugs for N43/N53 series engines:

1. there is only ONE manufacturer, who manufactures spark plugs for these engines: NGK

2. there is only ONE type of these NGK spark plugs: High energy

3. there is only ONE model of these spark plugs: NGK ZKBR7A-HTU

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Don't grease the threads of the plugs.  Can lead to over tightening and damaging the plug itself as the friction resistance is less as you've lubbed it and can lead to fouling of the tip.  I grease every nut and bolt when I work on my cars and spark plugs are the only thing with a thread that I didn't grease.  The BMW spark plug boxes give the torque figure and state not to grease too.


At the time when I did my E60 plugs, I removed NGK plugs fitted on the production line and replaced with Bosch plugs bought for £95 inc VAT for 8 from my local dealer back in 2011.





The genuine BMW plugs on my E60, had the four electrode tips too but in very different styles.




Watch out for where you buy the plugs from, apparently for some reason folk seam to think faking spark plugs is a good way to make money.

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Thanks for this info. I’m planning on changing the plugs late this Summer and will be putting them in dry. I’ve a torque wrench, so will also get the right torque to use., I’ve done a bit of research and still can’t find out which plugs are best. The four electrode jobs look favourable. 

Looking back at the service history the plugs were changed at 61k and again at 108k. The car is now on 133k and the CBS indicates they have 38k remaining. So I reckon the life is 60k. I’ve seen some folk on YouTube resetting the CBS and it goes to 100k remaining straight away. Am I missing something?

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