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Identifying original floor mats!

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Hi folks,


I'm keeping an eye out for some original floor mats in silver-grey. Hen's teeth it seems. However, I'm a little confused as to what they should look like if I do find some.

I'll post a few examples of what I mean. These are all LHD but ignore that obviously and colours vary. I want to be able to recognise originality when I see it. All these below are claiming "original, OEM, genuine" etc etc. and prices are eye watering.

No. 1

This set on eBay from Germany


Of note:

1. No reinforced heel pad

2. Small plastic BMW logo to the rear between the fixing holes

3. A strange cutout that would be by the transmission tunnel

4. Leatherette/leather trim



This eBay set  from the same seller are basically the same without the odd transmission tunnel cutout.


The sharp fold line at the top makes them look like they might be very thin.


No. 3

This set in Greece which do have a heel pad which may/may not be reinforced.


1. Hard to tell what type of trim.

2. One of the pics show a BMW label with part number



This set in the US


These are very different and if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they look a lot more like my current original E60 mats than any of the others.

Of note:

1. Different shape around the pedals from the above examples.

2. Cloth/carpet trim

3. "BMW" embroidered on reinforced heel pad

4. Look to be a much thicker carpet pile.

5. Have plastic grommets for fixing holes on underside.


I believe this type of trim is more difficult to manufacture pointing toward higher quality. Does this point towards the others being knock-offs.


Seems like there is a lot of money to be made cobbling together something that might pass as OEM. The Greek ones look like the cheap crap you buy in the supermarket. These are the ones with a BMW label, but then so do all the "original" "Eine stuck" "Made in Germany" labels on thousands of parts that are made in China.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the above? Would love to see some pics of mats that are confirmed original/BMW purchased.



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Agree with Hogie. I have a set of what I thought are genuine mats that look exactly like that. Shows how times have changed with the "Made in West Germany" on them.


Jeeze if that is how much non-genuine ones are worth I wonder how much actual genuine ones are!!

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Of Keliuss posting I think;

1. Are genuine late model iX mats,

2. Are genuine late standard mats.

3. Are after market mats

4. Are US dealer supplied mats - I have seen a lot of E24, E34 and E32 owners who have posted near identical mats saying they are original to the car.


Hogies mats are genuine earlier type.


I have two set of blue mats for my E34; the set in use just like Hogie posted and a later set, still in the original BMW packaging, like set number 2 posted by Keliuss.



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Thanks gents. I was going to suggest there may have been updated versions to coincide with the facelift so this confirms my thoughts. 


I've just been out to the car and realised I have what looks like original mats in the rear only.  Forgive me lol, but I've only got the car a few months and not spent much time with it as I have it off the road. They were well hidden under fairly cheap aftermarket ones which look to be the correct cut/shape with the originals. Front mats are the same aftermarket ones that are the correct cut but the manufacturer cocked up the template for the drivers one. It's reversed. If I turn it upside down it fits perfect.

Anyway, my rear mats do look like No.2 (late standard mats), so it ties in with what Sharkfan says. Although they have more of a matt leatherette/suede-like synthetic trim than the shiney look of the No.2 ones, but the join in the trim meets at the middle front, like No.2 mats.


Next task is to find a reasonably priced set. On a whim I tried my E60 front mats in the E34 but they are way off. Has anyone ever tried E39 ones? Might be easier to source if they are a close fit. I've read E46 coupe mats are a good match for an E30 so you never know.







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While we are on the subject of mats.....long shot I know....does anyone know if it possible to get replacement heel pads for the drivers one? 


Apart from that hole the mats are in very good condition.


Appricate it wont say BMW West Germany.

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