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B10 suspension refresh

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Thought I should post this here.....I’ve bought new Alpina suspension for my E39 B10  V8 although the car still handles great but I think after 19 years new springs and shocks should be a nice improvement. I contacted Alpina directly to make sure I had the correct PNs as they vary based on specific model. Alloy Wheels Direct offer the best pricing and I could buy everything as a single kit which arrived only 10 days after ordering.


I’ve got the car booked in with Lee Shannon based near Guildford who really knows his E38s & E39s and he’ll be replacing any bushes etc that need doing, although tbh I don’t have any knocks or other noises.


Here are a few photos, was particularly surprised to see a new ARB arrive but guess that’s part of the kit so that might be going on ebay!














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5 hours ago, ATOHT said:

Enjoy it! I know when I did mine it made a massive difference.


Thanks for the reply, just re-acquainted myself with your B10 thread and good to see I got my kit at a better rate a few years later :) Looking forward to getting this stuff fitted.

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9 hours ago, Jameswsb said:

I think our B10 V8 could do with this refresh also. Could you give me an indication of the cost? (PM if better) 


Thanks in advance

Cost is approx £1,500inc for the full kit, bear in mind you need to have the correct PNs for springs & dampers. Fitting will be extra unless you DIY plus any bushes etc that need replacing.

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