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Main Dealer Service Price

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OK, I think I might have sussed this now.


In the iDrive menu, you can go into the Vehicle status, then Maintenance section and it'll tell you what is due next.  (Knew I should have read the manual :oops:)


When you click on each item, it'll also tell you when the item is due (Mileage/time)


On there, I have 


Engine Oil    (Due in 3500 miles / 05/2021)

Vehicle Check (Due in 3500 miles / 05/2021)

Brake Fluid (Due 04/2020)

Rear Brake Pads (Due in 1200 miles)


So, the service indicator I get on start up is actually for the brake pads, not a service.  


This means I should be going in for Rear brake pads and brake fluid change in the next couple of weeks, then vehicle check and oil in a couple of months.  


Still doesn't explain why they said it needed a major service that was £750, but at least I know what is due now!


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4 hours ago, 535i Andrew said:

Yes I’m aware of that, but the same technician could change the oil on a G30 using the same tools and in the same workshop space as when she/he changes the oil on my car. 

The technician doesn’t get paid anymore, the service advisor doesn’t get paid any more. The workshop overheads don’t change.

Its purely a new car premium or greed if you like. 



Most if not all manufacturers do it, I remember the same form my Vauxhall ownership days. Just like airlines charging more during school holidays - Same plane, same staff.

People love bashing the manufacturers and their agents but it is purely down to economics. People are more likely to service cars at dealers in the first 3 years while under warranty, and then the dealers reduce prices to entice you to remain within the network.

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