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Has anyone fitted the 150A 540i alternator to their S62/M5 (120A) at all? 

I have a pre-facelift 540i M62B44 that is coming out of its touring shell and a 99 V-reg S62 engine going in its place but I’d like to keep the 150A alternator, but with the differing brackets and confusion with water / air cooled varieties, has anyone successfully retrofitted the larger alternator or uprated (https://www.powerlite-units.com/power/ps-09.html)the existing one? 

Given the added electronics in the touring and my potential need to have a medical pump with me at all times (as discussed in a post in the E39 technical channel - sine wave invertor permanent install) has anyone managed to do this to their M5 with/without the touring transplant happening in tandem?



NF aka Deepan

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Added link to uprated alternator company

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Going to be following this one, if it gets any responses!


I recently replaced the regulator on my alternator as it was starting to fail, I was quite suprised to see it was "only" 120A given the amount of kit usually found inside these cars.

I did take a brief look at different higher current alternators, but didnt spend too much time as it wasnt crucial for me. From what I found, it looked like it was best to get the current alternator reworked for a higher output.

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