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€4.89/£4.12 for a replacement key :)

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Couldn't resist posting this. I only received one key with my E34 purchase before Xmas and was going to get a cheap blank on AliExpress then have it cut. I stumbled upon a seller offering a cutting service also. They just need a decent photo. At €1.23 for the key and €3.69 to have it cut, I had to have a punt. 



Semi-censored, just in case LOL.


It arrived split open so you could put an old transponder in there if you have one. Also came with a logo you stick on yourself.

Works flawlessly! I even ordered another one :)


Link here to the key I bought but there seems to be plenty more.



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13 minutes ago, 535i Andrew said:

They can cut it from a photo?  Clever bit of kit, must be scanned in or something. 


Must only take a few moments to cut as for that price as its so cheap.


Good find.


If you know a little about how locks work it's really quite simple. A locksmith can read or decode a key by looking at it, then input the code to an automated cutter. They can also cut the key if you have the original key code without any photo.


I know a guy that lost his only car key years back. He was thinking it was going to cost a fortune for new barrels, keys etc, and called a good friend (locksmith) for advice. The locksmith said he'd call over, and half an hour later turned up with two freshly cut keys that were a perfect fit. "How did you do that?" was the obvious question and the friend explained that he'd seen the keys plenty of times (sitting on the bar last week for example) and reading/decoding keys was something he just did almost subconsciously. So he just remembered the key and cut it from memory. 



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