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Captain Beaky

M-Tec parts for sale

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Just a few bits to move on


E28 - rear apron and side skirts £200  SOLD

E28 - M-Tec rear boot spoiler £150  SOLD

M-Tec steering wheel (Fine Spline?) £150

E24 - M-Tec Arches £150   SOLD



20200126_163502.thumb.jpg.f47276af2ce16d6e51db4f764cd2fb77.jpg   20200126_163529.thumb.jpg.d17e4ffb099d7ec29de674c7ba65562d.jpg   20200126_163540.thumb.jpg.ae6afaf1c8fb88432e9f14104123514d.jpg   20200126_162657.thumb.jpg.668b511c8a4b47a3cf2352dde65565c3.jpg   20200126_162744.thumb.jpg.c95669d2f318119fe879b08150e09c3b.jpg   20200126_161807.thumb.jpg.bb243fdf0e30fc1a34e448d6897a5e20.jpg   20200126_161750.thumb.jpg.74021dc4c4b689c56890f4de0c1061b5.jpg   20200126_161800.thumb.jpg.ed88ea2ca91a286af0fbdf802c35caae.jpg   

20200126_162223.thumb.jpg.ab3789f1bf610a9cc1700ca1b15b4626.jpg   20200126_162234.thumb.jpg.171ab90e4dd5b51e13a765facdb401a6.jpg



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