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Obtaining service history from BMW.

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Has anyone successfully managed to obtain a reprinted service book / work history from BMW?

When I purchased my car, it was provided with minimal service history - being the car it is, I expected that it had been looked after / serviced by BMW for most of its life.


I made an initial enquiry with BMW group, who confirmed my suspicions and provided a list of dealer locations and visits between 2002 - 2016.

They advised me to contact each dealer on a case-by-case basis to obtain further information.


Flip me - its like getting blood from a stone. Im only talking about the first dealership, so cant quote them all - however it looks like its going to be a difficult task.

The initial call to the first dealership consisted of me being passed to three people (I understand they have bigger and better things to do), after being told multiple times that the history is stored on the key/car:rolleyes: despite informing them that the car is from 2001 and it wasnt, they stated they could provide printouts of the work done.

Good news I thought - until they told me they couldnt do this unless I visited the dealership along with the V5, they wouldnt entertain it if I sent/emailed proof of ownership.


So at this rate, it looks like I have a 763 mile round trip - best book a few days off work.

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BMW do have on record all work done for every vehicle that has been through an official dealers workshop, I managed to get a full lifetime copy of all dealership work on both my E39's, however you will need to be on very good terms with the workshop manager, you can understand the reluctance of a dealership to release details of work done by themselves or another dealership, especially if it comes back to haunt them. "once bitten twice shy"

Your best chance is to book your car into the workshop for something, and ask then, I still think the answer will be no.

It's a shame, as obviously knowing what has, and hasn't been done to a car maintenance wise, is akin to gold dust for the current owner.

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I remember calling BMW customer services for the history of my old 330i. They happily sent me redacted invoices (due to GDPR) and I sent the service book off to a number of the garages to be stamped (by recorded delivery) after speaking to them over the telephone

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I bought an 09 3 Series which was missing the book, but had full BMWSH (it came with printouts). I wanted a fully stamped book and after being told on the phone I could just get it done in my local service centre, I was subsequently told by the person on the desk that I could only get it stamped at the dealer who'd done the work. Fortunately that dealer was just under an hour away.


I guess they might have been willing to do it by post too, but as they weren't too far I just drove out there.

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