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peter fox

Whining Noise From Radio Under Acceleration E46

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Hi There,

I've got a 1998 E46 BMW 318ise.

Recently fitted a tow bar and new battery.  There is now a whining noise coming from the radio when the car is under heavy acceleration at high speed.  Does not make the noise when stationary and just revving the engine, is only heard under acceleration.

Any ideas?


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Probably due to the relay fitted as part of the towbar wiring that is interfering with the aerial signal.


What wiring kit was fitted with the towbar? An E46 should be able to cope with the old method of taking feeds direct to the trailer socket from each bulb on the rear light cluster.  Or was a bypass relay fitted?


Was a caravan/split charge relay fitted for powering a caravan?


Or when the boot was taken apart to fit the towbar wiring the amplifier/aerial wire was disturbed.

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