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Here goes Sandip.....  warning long post!



It's pretty much a base spec 2014 M5, with very few additional things. (I know the M5 included a lot of stuff that was already optioned on the regular 5 series, so there isn't really that much extra to tick that is significantly important to me)...  On top of the standard M5 spec it has Harman Kardon, reverse camera and sun protection glass and gorgeous wheels that I can't stop looking at.  Approved used with 32k miles on the clock.


I like quick cars, having had an M135i, mapped 123d, a kit car that I built (800kg 270bhp)  and several motorbikes over the years, I'd never got around to scratch the V8 itch and felt I needed to before they died out, or simply were so exotic they were totally out of my reach.  I was in two minds to hold out to see if the Tesla Model 3 second hand would be a good buy in 2-3 years, but that V8 itch.....  I also considered M3 and M4, but they were just out of my reach, and seemed to be significantly higher miles.


My initial test drive I thought 'meh' it's not that great*, I didn't really understand why people raved about them.  Don't get me wrong, at the time I just couldn't see how it was 2-3X the value of the M135i (based on original sale prices), and expected more tech. 


It didn't feel that big which was one of my worries, but it also didn't feel that fast. After a week something in me just told me to buy it anyway - the V8 itch!  Initial thought similar to first test drive, but a bit better, I guess the loss of the speed limiter (dealer passenger) and slightly better weather helped.  Since then each time I take it out (which hasn't been that much so far) it feels a bit more special each time.. Then it clicked this weekend, I pulled off a motorway, and somewhat progressively fed it full throttle exiting a damp roundabout, and it just bit in (I guess the diff did its job) and before I know it I was at warp speed.  This was all still in comfort / minimal on every setting.  I really wanted to just continue driving around (quite late and quiet), but I had a takeaway that I wanted to eat before it got cold!  I'm looking forward to dry days and shifting things up a notch.


Having had it a couple of weeks I now wish that I'd got one with:

Split rear seats... I had no idea that if you didn't have that option, the rear seats don't fold down at all.  > I just bought a second hand set of roof bars on Ebay, I already have the BMW cycle carriers, so that will sort out those flat pack wardrobe jobs and shifting the bikes when needed.


Electric folding tow bar...  I occasionally want to pull a small trailer loaded with logs and chainsaw gear.  > Cotswold did a really good retrofit price (still 4-5 time the cost of a 'normal tow bar mind), so I'll probably try to fit a tow bar to my wife's DS3 instead.


Upgraded front seats (although never actually sat in one), the standard seats are a damn sight more comfy than the 1er. > the reviewers say the upgraded ones are dreamy.. whatever, what I don't know eh?


Every other option, nice but not really needed.


I can see why some people don't like the xenon auto headlights, as they do leave a 'black spot', however compared to simply auto full or main that I had on my M135i, it's really nice.



What else.....

I've added a permanent connector to the battery charge points under the bonnet for my CTEK charger. 

I've added a fuse tap for the dash cam (as they didn't tick the extra 12v socket box, grrrrr!), thanks for the guide here!

Washed and polished with bilt hamber double speed.

New pads (I pushed dealer for them) front and rear


Bad bits.... a few minor chips on the front (touched up but noticeable when up close and personal), small scratch on the boot lid that is beyond polishing out (like 1 cm long).  I may have a go with paint matching and polishing, but any recommendations for some place that isn't chips away, nor wants to do a full re-spray, in North Hampshire, appreciated.#


Sorry, I kind of went in to one then ;-)








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6 hours ago, Sandip said:

Nice, lovely write up.  Looking forward to reading more of your posts, it's a great colour

Thank you :-)


the colour I wasn’t sure about at first, my head said to go for an under the radar colour, but I’m glad I got this one in the end.  

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