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remote central locking module

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Hey guys


So my car didn't come with a key fob, but as i'm investigating the car i'm detecting certain things that leads me to believe it should have remote central locking.


There's an IR receiver built into the roof

There's a red led mounted next to the fog light switch

I found a disconnected box under the back seat and when I searched the part number  82119418403 Control unit alarm system

There's a siren under the bonnet and I think it may be a 3g mk1 based on searching around


Now, i'm thinking the needs to be a remote control module? If I can find that, hopefully I can figure out what kind of key i need to get as a replacement


Thanks guys


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E36 Alarm Identification Guide - 3T, 2T, 3G EWS


Link might be of some use. 


Bought my E34 recently with an issue (the hazards flashing). It had sat up for a few months before I came to view it and the seller only got it started that morning. I later found the cables pulled out of the siren so a good guess is he had alarm going off and did this in haste to shut it up. Immobiliser was not active as car was starting fine. No remote with car and I got in touch with the guy he bought it from and he never had a remote fob for it either.

Disconnecting the alarm module under the rear seat resolved the issue with hazards, and all now works as it should albeit with no alarm. Central locking works with the key.


It would be nice to get alarm working again but info is very scarce and without a fob it looks doubtful.



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Thanks for that...


OK so i think that i've got an unplugged GR40 module... i don't know whether that would handle the remote central locking functionality also. But it looks like the fobs are nigh impossible to get hold of.


Does anyone know if all these alarm versions are interchangable?


For example could i get a 3G mk2 box and fob and it swap out with the gr40, all the plugs etc?

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if the alarm is the one with the separate remote then they are the same some Subaru alarms 

not sure about interchangeability of the units though



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