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The e34 rear sill thread

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Hi i am also looking to repair the sills on my estate i saw these patch panels online from uk company does anyone know if they are anygood as they seem cheap if not can someone point me in the right direction. Also are the sills the same size on estate & saloon as these are only saloon.


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Saloon and Estate sills are the same. I got the outer sills from Eurocarparts, their part numbers 884110091 for the n/s, 884110101 for the o/s although it looks like the o/s is out of stock. If you can find a pair made by Klokkerholm they're decent quality and fit fairly well, I think that's who made the Eurocarparts sills. Be prepared for a weldathon as documented by Five-oh and myself earlier in this thread. Good luck!

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Hmmm... I really should see about closing off this thread....


Indeed, as mentioned previously, saloon and touring sills are identical.  I can only advise that you be fully aware of the extent of any corrosion prior to purchasing to establish the suitability of what you intend to fit. If not going for OEM BMW (which is not always necessary) then the klokkerholm replacements are an excellent choice as an alternative but only if the rot is not too advanced.  Do your research as to all options available and in requirement of your needs.


Not wishing Ill of the task in hand but be prepared to cry if the rot turns out to be extensive..


Good luck.

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