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535i Andrew

ABS pump bleeding with Diagnostics

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After you bleed the brakes, you then can use diagnostics to purge the new clean fluid thru the ABS pump.  Your diagnostic machine then gets the car to run the ABS pump for 5-10 seconds or so while you open a specific bleed nipple.


The videos I've seen always state its both front right and rear right and that's on different cars with different diagnostic machines. But that is always on a left hooker. Is it the same wheels on a right hand drive UK model?


If it's up on a ramp then it's no problem, but if you are jacking up each wheel in turn to do it, it would be good to have that wheel off and ready when you start the ABS pump running.


Appears to be only one wheel per axle that you do this on rather than all four.


Does anyone know what wheel/nipple it is you open?

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I know on INPA you can do it for each wheel. Last time I did break bleeding I used ISTA and did all 4 wheels while car was up on axle stands. Always best to bleed all for as air will be stuck in the system 

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