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e39 Parts - Job Lot

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Wondering if anyone would be interested in a job lot of parts - collection only.


I have the remains of about 3 e39's I have broken for parts over the past few years (3x 530d's). The big ticket items such as engines, turbos, ABS units.etc have all been sold.

I now have the remnants, which consists mostly of radiators, pumps, fuel tank, pipework, modules, subframes.etc


The plan was to list items individually on ebay, however I'm thinking it may be easier to get rid of the lot in one go and free up some space.


If anyone is interested, I would be happy to take £50 for the lot - baring in mind it would all require collecting.


Will get some photos later this week.







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Send a message to Aaron Smith or Simon Garland  on Facebook,

They both break E39s & Other BMW's so might be interested in taking these parts off your hands.

Hope this helps. 

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