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G31 Touring - rear bumber protectors

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Hi All


I need to fit some kind of protection to the top of the bumper to stop my dog scratching it. my F11 has  BMW part fitted which is a black plastic strip which attaches to the top plane.


The dealer told me the only one for the G31 is a clear stick on strip.


Have any touring owners had any experience of this situation and any aftermarket 3rd party options. I can see some on Fleabay which appear to vary in price and appearance!!


Thanks in advance!

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I’d definitely recommend a protective strip on the bumper.


I have a boot protector but if the bumper or boot flap has dirt on it the boot flap rubs against the bumper and still causes scratches.


I’m getting my car professionally detailed next month with a ceramic coating and an xpel ultimate strip applied to the rear bumper. Any good paint protection brand will have a strip to fit your bumper but having had xpel on a previous car it’s my first choice.

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3891202E-983A-4A84-85D3-283969821DE7.thumb.jpeg.1745df771b2f8349cedcfeb705d8199c.jpegI had a SS one which lipped on the face of the bumper on my F11 dunno if they make them for the G31 it was EBay but top quality. It covered the whole of the top face of the bumper also

This is the one I had you could inquire if they make a G31



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