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Intermittent Active steering fault

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Hi.  I bought a 2003 E60 530i I'm September.  On 2 occasions, the active steering fault message has come on.  First time was about 2 weeks ago on a cold morning and came on about a mile after setting off and when pulling out of a car park (sharp right turn).  I tried turning the ignition off and on a couple of times but was still there.  I went back to the car several hours later and there was no fault.  It didn't come back at all so I put it down to a one off.  This morning, the fault was there again.  When I got to work, I turned the ignition off, waited 5 mins and restarted, no error message.  Symptoms when it shows seem to be that I'm returned to "normal" power steering.


Does anyone have any ideas please?  Just thinking it always seems to show on a cold morning (don't know of that is significant) as only drawn from a sample of two.


It initially showed a couple of days after I'd plugged a Carly fault reader in but I'm not sure that's relevant given it then went away again.





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I had a similar issue one cold morning.  I stopped the car and then did the full lock to lock trick a couple of times and this seemed to reset the angle sensor

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