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E60/E61 535i N54 - Never a UK factory option (3.0L i6 cylinder Twin Turbo).

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Sat here seasonally flu'd up, digging around and found myself... wishing that the UK had the option of the N54 3.0L i6 cylinder Twin Turbo configuration in the E60 LCI range (only USA), which would have allowed some fiddle factor for a petrol in the lighter E60 platform (relative to the next gen F10/F11). Instead the UK 535i remained the V8 NA version, though I think there was an E90 335i N54 turbo petrol offereing.


10 Reasons The E60 535i Is Better Than The M5 article (when tuned to ~400hp and 430ft/lbs of torque).

1. It is insanely, stupidly powerful
2. It's a faster street car
3. It's one of the best handling sedans ever made
4. It gets better gas mileage
5. It runs on corn
6. It's more reliable
7. It's cheaper to maintain
8. It's cheap to buy
9. It has an awesome secret transmission
10. The tuner is the coolest thing ever


In the video below, the tuned up  535i N54 (3.0L i6 cylinder Twin Turbo) looks ~4 seconds to 60mph and ~10 seconds to 100 mph (see at 1min 27sec).




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I always thought that engine in an e60/61 would have been the perfect combination for the uk especially for people who did not want a diesel or a v8.

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This was and still remains a mystery to me why N54 (x35i) was never offered on EU market in E6x chassis. This would have been a perfect compromise in many petrol heads' minds. I guess it had something to do with the strong diesel push at that time and the market was not seen.

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